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Social Contribution

Share happiness with our neighbors!

Korail Retail devotes its efforts to sharing with our neighbors and making the world a better place to live through various social contribution activities.

Support Those Neglected
  • Cash donation for senior citizens and children without parents.
  • Donation of goods for Junggu Senior Citizen Center.
  • Cash donation for nursing home for senior citizens without support.
  • Participated in 2009 Christmas Seal Charity Donation.
  • 2009 Campaign for sharing briquettes.
  • Donation of rice for Youngdeungpo Center for People with Disabilities.
  • Support for Bohyun’s Home (for homeless).
  • Donation of PCs for Association of People with Disabilities for Open Information.
  • Recreation service (music, walking) and volunteer activities (cleaning, bathing) for Eunchon Senior Citizen Center.
  • Deliver lunchbox for senior citizens without support.
Welfare for Single Mothers & Children
  • Regular volunteering activities of female employees (support and sales service for Holt International Children’s Services).
  • Charity bazaar for Holt International Children’s Services.
  • Donation of children’s newspaper for rural schools.
  • Kimchi sharing for poorly-fed children.
Helping Hand for Rural Communities
  • Helping hand for wild berry and garlic harvesting in Yulgae village.
  • Helping hand for onion harvesting in Wolgokli.
  • Helping hand for Omija (five-flavored fruit) harvesting in Nongsanli.
  • Helping hand for apple harvesting in Pyeonggwang.

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