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Company Profile

Our commitment for the highest customer satisfaction has continued for 80 years.
Since its inception as Railroad Incarnation Association in 1936, Korail Retail has led its way into the railroad-based distribution industry.
With our commercial facilities such as convenience stores, “Storyway”, vending machines and shops in railroad stations, as well as advertisement facilities in railroad stations, trains and subway, and a resource distribution business that connects railroad with sea ports, we have been interweaved with people’s lives and created value for our customers.
Now, as a company that brings changes in the industry, Korail Retail will lead its way into the future. Based on our extensive know-how and competitive advantage, we will expand our reach to new markets. In addition, we will provide our customers and partners with improved service and opportunities for mutual success and benefits.
We promise to become a global leader in the distribution and advertisement industry based on continuous innovation and change.
Korail Retail, a backbone of Korea’s railroad industry, is your partner you can trust!
Korail Retail has made significant growth for more than 110 years since the first railroad made its appearance.
Our history goes way back to when Korea’s first railroad, “Gyeongin Line”, began its operation in 1899. Since then, we have achieved continuous growth in the distribution industry.
Korail Retail is a subsidiary of Korail (Korea Railroad Corporation) and established through acquisition of distribution business from Hongik Organization, a foundation corporation that has been engaged in the railroad retail business for more than 70 years. Korail Retail has made a contribution to the development of the railroad industry based on its distribution and dvertisement business in railroads.
Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!
We have continued to host CS education program and 5S campaign (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Sustain, Standardize) in all our stores to provide the best shopping environment for railroad passengers. Additionally, our dedication and commitment for customer satisfaction will continue through the high quality service reward and store service certification system.

Company History

Started Logistic Support Business for Small Business Independence Pop Convenience Stores
Manage Official Food & Beverage Sales Facilities, Expo 2012 Yeo-Su Korea
  • Launched Direct-Managed Store, Cafe Storyway
  • Manage Official Food & Beverage Sales Facilities, Pusan International Film Festival
  • Managed Official Food & Beverage Sales Facilities, IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011
Selected as official F&B seller by World Photonics Expo in Gwangju
Commenced Railroad AD Service
Changed the name to Korail Retail Corp. / Commenced Train Shop business
Commenced station management business
Established Korea Railroad Retail Corp.
Selected as official F&B seller by Fifa World Cup Korea Japan
Commenced vending machine business
Commenced unloading
Commenced F&ampB service in trains and store operation in stations